Can a company sell time?

We believe the answer is yes; it's time to connect state of the art bioinformatics with patient care.

The process of diagnosing and treating cancer has remained largely the same over the last 50 years.

The technology revolution that touches every aspect of our lives hasn't found its way into healthcare.

As a result, cancer mortality rates have remained largely unchanged in the last 50 years.

22% of all deaths in the U.S. are attributed to cancer.

Because even the most sophisticated oncologists working at the world's most advanced hospitals are often operating in the dark.

There is hope.

Recent advancements in genetic sequencing and analysis can help unlock the mystery of cancer and usher in an era of personalized treatment.

Tempus is changing the paradigm

The greatest promise for the detection and treatment of cancer lies in the deep understanding of the molecular basis for the disease initiation, progression, and treatment based on the discovery and analysis of unique biomarkers.